3D Participatory Modelling Table

3M x 3M
Digital displays underneath
Projectors from above
System Dynamics data Sets
Available GIS layers
Scenario Modelling
Interactive Video Wall and Projected screen for Video and “Coast view"

3D Participatory Geographical Information Systems (3D PGIS)
A Tool for Capacity Building and Community Based Management

Waka Digital has expertise in the building of 3DPM geo spatial information management tools, these include the combination of 3Dimensional Models, aerial photography and satellite imagery, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to represent knowledge in the forms of 2 or 3Dimensional maps, which in turn serve as interactive tools for spatial learning, discussion, information exchange, analysis, and decision making.

Waka Digital is using this tool to capture local knowledge, employing a stakeholder participation approach to capture different types of
knowledge which are then integrated with more technical information, such as ecological, socio, economic and governance information.

3D PGIS Provides for a 'bottom--‐ up' participatory planning, with integration of public and community groups, fisheries, users etc., directly into management process.

3D PGIS serves as tool to give a voice to communities, allowing for contribution to and influence the development of policy and management form the local level.

3D PGIS  Transforms conventional mapping and GIS tools into information accessible to the community level.

3D PGIS Potential to capture local spatial knowledge, human interaction with the environment, and relationships (including conflicts and overlaps).

3D PGIS Can foster accountability, transparency, legitimacy and other dimensions of governance.

3D PGIS Can be used to strengthen spatial planning and use in spatial decision making.

3D PGIS  Fosters sense of community's ownership of a plan, serving as a commitment from which to plan implementation.


3D PGIS has a particular use for management decisionmaking in data-poor situations, and has important implications in areas like fisheries management and eco system management,where traditional or local ecological knowledge can be used to complement scientific and technical information. allowing for capture of the 'human dimension', and allowing for the identification of conflicts and overlaps by representation through spatial planning.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Waka Digital has expertise in many of the standard GIS software such as ARC, QGIS as well as the Google platforms. We are also advocates for Open Standards, Open Source and Open Data which we are applying to our projects.
We have expertise in building secure web based mapping systems. Waka Digital provides expertise in gathering, creating, manipulating and customising geospatial information to meet your needs. In consultation with you, we can provide a range of services and solutions to enhance your knowledge GIS platforms to provide impartial advice on the best GIS solution for your organisation.