Co-ordinated hub for harbour restoration, to enable greater synergies

Targeted application of the ‘Regional council Infrastructure Fund’ in for restoration of ecosystems in Tauranga harbour

Natural capital(seagrass, kaimoana) valued as infrastructure of Tauranga Moana.

Apply to Central Government for funds to restore local ecosystems, similar to the Rotorua Lakes Restoration and Waikato River projects.

How can model be used to identify/communicate key areas for restoration, and coordination of efforts on the ground, that may then increase likelihood of attracting external restoration funding?  (SUBMISSION TO 10 year Plan made)

BoPRC have a new fund for “Tauranga Harbour” proposed in their next 10-year plan.  all groups represented in the mediated modelling process need to get in behind and support it.

Ongoing thought is required to determine how to implement, measure  AND fund key initiatives?

Council Annual Planning Budgets - a joint application by workshop participants to the Council(s) to instigate a research or conservation programme on issues of most concern about the harbour is recommended.