System Dynamics Modelling : Horowhenua

The mediated modelling exercise will take place from October, concluding June 2014. The aim of the mediated modelling project is to understand the broad interrelationships between ecological "issues/problems" and their "causes" in Horowhenua.

This will:

To help us gain a greater understanding of the key factors that are impacting on the state of the moana, and to identify the critical "leverage points" that are likely to have the greatest impact to restore things that are currently degraded, we are undertaking a series of workshops with Taiao Raukawa and Ngati Raukawa. During these workshops, tangata whenua who agree to participate will share their views on the state of the moana, how the moana is changing, how this can be observed and how observed changes may be inter-connected. 

A model will then be built using computer software to show how all the individual aspects of the environment interact with each other, and impact on each other. This is called a "Systems Dynamics" model, and it is a powerful way of drawing together important information about the catchment and surfzone to get a better picture of what is causing the problems in the catchment and surfzone, how the catchment and surfzone will look in the future if certain conditions remain, and what improvements we could bring about in the future by making certain changes now to the way we do things.

We will use all possible information, including Matauranga Maori, about the state of the moana to help us put together an accurate picture of how the moana works, from the perspective of tangata whenua.

The workshops will be led by Aaron McCallion and Huhana Smith, with the assistance of our Research Team namely, Aroha Spinks, Moira Poutama, Nigel Thomas and Steven Mason..